Claire Byrne and the definition of Racism, Least we forget.

Apparently Claire Byrne silenced Joe Brolly on her show’s discussion of the prospects of a United Ireland; Because; wait for it, she did not wish Joe Brolly , or indeed anyone to suggest the the founding of the So-Called, Northern Irish State, was anything but racist. What exactly is Claire Byrnes definition of racism? Presumably the only form of racism she understands is that of Caucasian racism against Non-Caucasian people.

Those who set-up the Northern Irish State and those who wish for it to continue to exist as currently formed, did so in the believe and wish to suppress those they consider lesser human beings with lesser rights. Rather like Claire Byrne herself, who it seems to believe the only people who have a right to an opinion are those to whom SHE consents to confer such a right.

An interesting interpretation of Free Speech and public debate.

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