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As forced we all are, into a total revision of what the pending normalities of our own lives and the lives of others, are to be; As also to what so many other various groups and societies believe their future normalities are to be.

It’s somewhat sobering to consider the many changes brought about in the world wide efforts to contain and combat Covid-19 and it’s awful consequences for individuals and society.

Seeing Capitalist societies applying socialist polices to avoid social and economic unrest. Reaching out to provide vaccinations to the homeless on a national scale. Curtailing private property rights to prevent evictions. Providing the basis of a national minimum income. Commandeering Private Property, Hospitals, Hotels etc (albeit with adequate and lucrative compensation at the tax payers expense).

People, governments and businesses, changing, adjusting and adapting work places and methods at an unforeseen pace, even where such changes were anticipated as being due to happen in the long run.

All of this begs the question; Why did it have to take a plague, to bring these such beneficial changes about? Would the answer be in the self severing interest of certain individuals, groups and societies? And of course, this proves the saying, were there’s a will, there’s away. So is anyone pondering what next could be totally changed throughout our society?

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