Neatly Unmasked Pizzaioli – beside that View so Fair! Episode 1.

Photo by Anna Tarazevich on

A person, while standing in a certain pizza establishment, awaiting a take-away pizza. After having strolled around the nearby waterside park, with a view so fair of nearby Dublin Bay. Reports observing the following interaction between two of the pizzaioli, preparing pizzas, for the establishment’s customers.

While both of these individuals were wearing facemasks; One of them says to the other “You are wearing my mask!”. “How do know this is your mask?”, asks the other person. The first one replies, “Mine is the bigger one, this one is too small for me, it’s yours!”.

Then both pizzaioli remove the face-mask they are wearing. Each takes the mask the other one was wearing. Both then handling them with their bare hands to smooth them out; As if, this supposedly, would, magically remove the germs and bacteria, along with the saliva or spittle, etc., that would have been oozing from the mouth, nose, lips and the breath of the other pizzaioli unto the mask, before then placing that mask on their own face.

Now, laughing and joking together about, how hilariously funny, they found their actions to be. They then, each return directly to preparing customers pizzas; With the unwashed bare hands, with which they had handled each others masks! It puts a whole new, and neat meaning to the expression ” Finger licking good pizza”.

Somewhat less than that “neat” on the food hygiene scoreboard, or indeed the required Covid-19 precautions, in using and handling face masks. Now, does not the employer or their employees, provide an adequate number of spare masks (and training even) to ensure proper solutions to such situations?

Also, considering all of this misconduct, took place in the full view of the many customers in the establishment’s premises, and with a total indifference to their presence (the customers); So, what else might be seen, through the glass darkly, lurking in the pantry? Now that’s certainly some food for thoughts!

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