The Ship of a New world order, sets sail thanks to Bush, Blair, Trump and Biden.

Photo by Dave Ang on

After, the debacle of defeat and ignominious retreat (orderly planned withdrawal?). To the ending of a 20 year war and occupation of Afghanistan: Following hot on the heals of the mess in Libya. (let’s not talk of Vietnam or Korea.) How do, The United States of America’s , current allies -clients, and rivals, view their future with this new America?

Well, today, it’s reported (Daily Mail), China, set 19 nuclear Bombers and fighter planes through the airspace of Taiwan; Taiwan, is of course, a semi protective of The United States of America. As is Japan.
During the week, Europeans; Were talking of European armed force, self-reliant, and independent, in policy, to that of the United States of America.

A semi socialist style of government involvement, in the affairs of the citizens and individual States are emerging in The United States of America, to which, even the GOP, is selectively subscribing. These are going to have be paid for. Trump’s, message to American business to return home and create jobs and wealth and pay taxes. The later which are being favourable reduced for American business. Has not been lost on the ears of the Democrats! America’s gain is going to be someone else’s loss.

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