When in Rome.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Now there are a few interesting aspects to this; One great one is that the lady in question is, as/are have many non-nationals, now learning Irish.

However, somethings less than pleasant, also strike one. If I am staying in a hotel in Paris, am I to assume that the French people around me, are speaking French to exclude me from understanding them? Or should I consider , as I do, they are in their own country, speaking the language they and their friends are comfortable with?

Also one wonders why or what gives this person a belief they have a right to an interest and understanding in the private conversations of relative strangers?

Is this another version of “To Hell or Connacht”” Native speakers locked in cupboards? There again there was a Bartender sacked in Temple Bar, because, a non Irish speaker took offence at said Bartender speaking Irish to a friend who had called into the bar. Third Class Citizen, Gee it feels like The DUP, have successfully invaded!

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