Close that door! redesign one way microwave oven door please!

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych on

One consequence of the current social and work environment, regardless of working from home or not; Is the greater amount of time spent in a home environment, which used to seem perfect or at least fairly acceptable. But now one notices little quirks needing attention, just little things, mind.

Like looking at the kitchen counter top array, and developing an urge to rearrange the various kitchen gadget’s positions in relationships to each other. So, with much huffing and puffing, everything moved in accordance with the grand plan; Step back, looking at your handiwork. Agh!! Everything is as they say OXO. (well, we are discussing kitchen gadgets) Except for that Micro wave door, Which, like virtually every other micro wave oven, is hinged on the left, primarily to suit right-handed people.

Now, this does not suit fully one’s use of the micro wave in it’s new position. Standing there, scratching one’s head and musing how unfair this is, especially, considering one is left handed! Questions why do they not have other arrangements for hinging the door, raise up, drop down, hinge on the right, have dual hinging options? Say’s to one’s self perhaps I should patent this idea; However, let’s not make an even bigger idiot of one’s self, do some research; And guess what folks? There are indeed such variables available.

Now, for many people it might be well worthwhile checking out this subject, an article by one, Nat Howard, on HomeSteady dated February 15th 2018. is a good read.

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