VAT and other Taxes on energy bills. An old story worth rewriting?

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As one reads and listens to various people and public representatives of all shades and rankings, calling for the removal of taxes on energy. One is reminded of a something of the same happening in the seventy’s. Back then, Some people led by a group calling it’s self “Movement for Irish Democracy (MID).” Called for the removal of VAT on domestic energy bills, Against this idea, people where told that under EU regulations this could not be done, as the rules required that a percentage figure/number had to be added to all VAT deemed items. When MID members were discussing this on, The Gay Byrne Radio Show; A chap named Pat Turner, a representative of the grocery trade, pointed out that 0 (Zero) was a number/figure and why could this not be used as tax rate?

Well for a very brief period 0 (Zero), was so considered by the government on domestic energy bills, till the EU got into a strop about it with the government. Why not try Zero as a rate on domestic energy bills again?

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