TARA SMITH – eFlow – M50 TOLLS A polite advisory notice to car owner. A certain Tara Smith – user of the M50 Toll. Your unpaid Toll charges & late payment fines are rising fast!

M6 Weeford Park Toll Plaza by David Dixon is licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.0

Tara Smith, you might live or work in North Dublin Area, and use the M50 frequently. One is just letting you know Your Vehicle’s address registration is totally incorrect.

Your communications from the eFlow, M50 Toll accounts, notifying you of your toll charges and late payment fines, are being sent to another address. And are being returned unopened and marked “No such person exists at this address!”.

The purpose of this friendly advisory is to make you aware, Tara, that at some point in time, if you do not resolve this matter at your earliest convenience; you are likely to find yourself, with one massive bill from the eFlow Toll company. In both toll charges and late payment fees. Which one is sure, you would wish to avoid.

So, any ladies named, Tara Smith, if you have been using the M50 toll, perhaps you should check your car Logbook, and see if the address there, is your correct address. And rectify these matters.

Apologies to all ladies named Mary Smith, for the typo in the 1st posting!


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