Omni Shopping Centre Taxi Rank Santry D9. All welcome?

Witnessed today, Thursday, October 27th. approx. 12:15pm. Three taxis, standing at this rank plying for hire. Just one single couple of African ethnic decent, seeking a taxi. First Taxi, standing at the rank is a white car, its driver, a tall well-built, Dublin male. Having asked the couple where they are going, and on being told, Shangan/Coultry, Ballymun. This driver declines the fare. And starts, with a big smirk on his face and roaring with laughter, to shout out loudly to the other two taxi drivers; “Anyone want a fare to Shangan/Coultry?”. Neither of the other two taxi drivers responds. This episode can of course, be viewed on the Omni Shopping Centre’s CCTV system. Should the NTA Taxi complaints section have interest in a follow up.


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