Today read a very fine article, by, Sarah Carey, in the Irish Independent. Titled; “WHY THERE’S MORE TO THE CONCEPT OF A TRULY UNITED IRELAND THAN A SENTIMENTAL SOLGAN.” And in which Sarah Carey, refers to “To quiet decency of , Micheál Martin.” Somewhat rather symbolically being published today, New Years Eve, about a New Ireland. Looking forward to further such articles by Sarah Carey.

As for things that matter towards the goal of a New and United Ireland. While considering myself, a nationalist, I have absolutely no objections to an Orange Order march, down O’Connell Street on the 12th. And as I know every word of “The Protestant Boy” no problem to sing it very much out of tune, subject to at least a thousand requests.

Firstly, neither I myself or millions of residents of the Republic will be there to view such a parade. Secondly what good will it do the Orange Order? Lets face it, at the end of the day, They won that battle but lost the war for domination of the Island. And what were, lets face it, truly valid concerns about many items of concern to non-Nationalist/Republican Ulster peoples, about a United Ireland ,are no longer so rigidly set in the minds of the peoples of the current Republic.

Every since the first humans set foot on this Island, it has been a “Sword Land.* Countless Clans, Tribes and Invaders, have shed blood and wrecked havoc to support their claims to their rights in this land and it’s resources. However over time, these peoples, came to acceptance of the existence of others, of different viewpoints, etc to them. And between them, went on to built our modern society.

*Sword Land. a phrase in, Seek the Fair Land. By Walter Macken.


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