Went in to a Penneys Shop in Dublin, Yesterday. On a mission to purchase a pair of men’s Briefs, for myself. Having scrutinised every type and style available, chose to buy two packs of their own brand WOVEN BOXERS.

Took said packs home. opened one pack, to try one pair on. They did not fit me correctly. Well, having opened the first pack, knew, I would not be able to return that pack for a refund, common sense that. But as I had not opened or tampered with the second pack of Woven Boxers, headed back to same store with them, and receipt; Looking to get a refund for that one pack only.

At the till, a very nice and polite cashier, told me, “Penneys , don’t do refunds on underwear.” I pointed out to the cashier, the item was still in it’s packaging unopened and untouched by me. A manger was called, who repeated “That it was company policy not to give refunds on underwear, and that this was stated on my receipt,” I left.

But just hold on there, a moment. Customers only get a receipt, after they hand over payment for the goods. And the items are packed and the transaction is finished. Further more, This refund policy is stated on the back of the receipt. So how is the customer to know they will not be refunded for this type of purchase, when making a decision to buy? There’s certainly not any notice published/displayed of this, Penneys, no refund, Company Policy, on the shelves or the product’s packaging.

Now, for me, the financial loss was relatively small, even though I had bought two packs. And I can just use the items as floor cloths. But there were certainly more expensive products of the same type. And if someone, had, like me, been looking to provide themselves, a weeks supply or more of Briefs/Boxers, for a trip or such, it would be a significant loss.

One feels, one has been held up at gunpoint by a Highway Robber. Surely, Stores like Penneys, should be obliged to make such, non-refund policies in respect of certain items for sale, blatantly clear to customers, prior to payment being accepted for such goods. Either on the product shelves, the product packaging, or where the damage is about to be done to to customer’s pocket, at the cashiers tills!

Just to make sure, I had not missed any such notice on this products shelves. Returned to same Penneys Store today, to check if any such notices were displayed; And no, no such notice displayed on the products shelves.

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