Read my lips! I’m just a child, being a child. Even if I am a Prince or a Princess. What’s your lip sync about?

FAIR PLAY TO, TANYA SWEENEY, IN THIS MORNINGS IRISH INDEPENDENT. For writing the article: Prince Louise is no “cheeky ” Chappy. Tanya, quite rightly and appropriately, says, Louise, his brother George, and his sister Charlotte, are aged, five, eight and nine years of age. And pointedly says, the conduct of the British media fascination with these children, is toxic and borderline creepy!

Readers and followers of Streetdogs, the word on the street, may recall our suggestion; That one good step for protecting these and other children’s right to their childhood and it’s privacy, would be to to consider, Lip Readers in the same categories as CCTV usage, and apply GDPR to their revelations in which their actions are breeching a juvenile’s conversational privacy rights. Lip Readers, learn lessons from Mizaru, Kikazaru and Iwaazaru. The Three Wise Monkeys. who sees no evil, hears no evil, and speaks no evil.


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