actor-adult-business-cards-547593If you don’t vote you can’t change things. We so often hear this refrain at election time from all of the potential candidates and political groups. What we don’t hear is that in an elitist democracy, such as exists in this supposed Irish democracy; Is that change is an illusion created by our New Ascendancy.

Yes, some crumbs are permitted to be shared around to the humble masses. And indeed a few members of those masses may ( on a strict quota basis), be encouraged and allowed to step forward and be recognized. And in doing so, be a shill,  an instrument in the illusion. As like with the card-sharp trickster’s accomplice in the age-old three-card trick confidence game “Three-card Monte”. No matter how often you play and whichever card/candidate/party you chose, you lose.

See the latest game in action, the voting to PUSH THROUGH LEGISLATIVE CHANGE, to grant three ministers of state,  AN ADDITIONAL allowance of euro 16, 229 EACH, for attending cabinet meetings (isn’t that part of the job of being a minister?). And this at a time of serious, new and ever evolving economic and social burdens to the general public arising from a worldwide pandemic!

Schools may re-open, but will there be a school bus service for the pupils who need it?


What has Mary Lou McDonald got against left-handed people?

woman-in-red-long-sleeve-shirt-looking-at-her-laptop-3765132In these days of people being pc about the sensitivities of minorities of every type, how comes it’s ok for Mary Lou  McDonald to use an expression that demeans left-handers?

We refer of course to her use of the expression “cack-handed” in respect of the Government’s new Green List. This is a deeply offensive term to left-handers! Is this acceptable parlimentary language for the unofficial leader of the Dáil opposition to castigate the Government parties? To demean approximately 10% of the world population, just to score a passing glory.

Perhaps she might make amends by attending  the Left Hand Festival, in the town of Mullingar, or elsewhere if Covid19 and the Green List permits! And if, of course some right hander hasn’t prohibited such dangerous gatherings.

Stormont and London must first approve any proposed mandatory quarantine in Ireland. So, says Minister Eamon Ryan. Seems, not that much has moved on since John Redmond’s time!

So who thought when this (not actually) elected government was formed, that it was going to be capable of actually governing in the interest of and for the well being of the nation?

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Day 2 – Sunny Sky #WorldWatercolorMonth — Melanie Franz

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Is streetdogs the word on the street to become – chiens de rue, la rumeur du quartier?

three-red-apples-on-wooden-surface-1510392While reading an article in the Irish Independent, Friday, July 17th. By Jason O’Mahoney, in the comment pages. We observed to our great amusement his use of the expression, “the proverbial canines on the boulevards”, which prompted us to consider a more exotic title for our page. But as one entertainer was given to say, seriously folks.

Jason O’Mahoney’s article on the reactions etc. to the European Court’ ruling on Ireland and Apple,  is a brilliantly crafted piece of the wordsmiths’ art, hitting so many sacred cows where it hurts!

We are not going to spoil our readers’ pleasure by reiterating its content here, but instead, recommend all to read it. ….. But just for tasters, Jason O’Mahoney does pose a question concerning “how many homeless charity CEOs do we actually have in a country of five million people?” Lead on McDuff!

Is this a constitutional democracy or an elite democracy?……………………….. The issues around the Cowan family, aristocrats and patricians……………… Ireland’s “Roman Republic” lives.

nativity-painting-of-people-inside-a-dome-159862 (1)While drafting this streetdogs the word on the street post yesterday, consideration was being given to our observation that while so many media sources were in the first case, focusing on the issues surrounding the besieged Agriculture Minister.  They also lightly and joyful referred to the long political history of the minister’s family, a  political history held in common with so many of Ireland’s other political personages and their families. However, none of the media had even touched on the deeper subject of what does this entrenched gaggle of so many families political history, mean for the purity of the democracy of this so-called Republic?

Happily, at least one journalist is given to calling a spade, a spade. As in this morning’s Irish Independent, the headline of, Fionnán Sheahan’s article carries the apt title “Terminator Taoiseach takes out Fianna Fáil royalty”  The main emphasis for us, being the word royalty. Although one can appreciate An Taoiseach’s delight at his new nom de guerre!

The Cowan family and so many others are blatant proof that the true colour of our so-called democracy is not as claimed a constitutional one, but rather an Elite Democracy. An elite democracy by definition is, Where, a small minority, consisting of the economic elite and policy-planning networks holds the most power, AND THIS POWER IS INDEPENDENT OF THE RESULTS OF DEMOCRATIC ELECTIONS!

Now streetdogs the word on the street asks, does anything about that definition seem familiar to our readers?