A Sunday morning reflection; The simple button!

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People were wearing buttons on their garments for thousands of years, before some bright spark, developed the idea of the button-hole in such garments.

Consider, the multiple facets of conceptional thoughts needed to bring into being, previously non-existent articles, Needle and thread, and the button-hole, with no example existing in nature to copy or make adjustment of; Unlike the adapting of the wheel and fire from existing natural examples in nature.

What under-appreciated mind was at work, all the way back then! if you were to sit down now, with all the advantages of modern technical knowledge at your beck and call, how well do you think you would do at bring this project to fruition, from start to finish


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As forced we all are, into a total revision of what the pending normalities of our own lives and the lives of others, are to be; As also to what so many other various groups and societies believe their future normalities are to be.

It’s somewhat sobering to consider the many changes brought about in the world wide efforts to contain and combat Covid-19 and it’s awful consequences for individuals and society.

Seeing Capitalist societies applying socialist polices to avoid social and economic unrest. Reaching out to provide vaccinations to the homeless on a national scale. Curtailing private property rights to prevent evictions. Providing the basis of a national minimum income. Commandeering Private Property, Hospitals, Hotels etc (albeit with adequate and lucrative compensation at the tax payers expense).

People, governments and businesses, changing, adjusting and adapting work places and methods at an unforeseen pace, even where such changes were anticipated as being due to happen in the long run.

All of this begs the question; Why did it have to take a plague, to bring these such beneficial changes about? Would the answer be in the self severing interest of certain individuals, groups and societies? And of course, this proves the saying, were there’s a will, there’s away. So is anyone pondering what next could be totally changed throughout our society?

Reflections during Covid-19 hermitage, Of a life once lived.

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One thing Covid-19 has done for many people, because of the many forms of social distancing required; is to have created the space to reflect on our past lives and the people we once knew.

For some this, distancing from the “normal world” allows us to see our own and other peoples situations and actions in many different ways, than previously. Sometimes we end up understanding that we may have, without an intention to do so, been unkind or hurtful to others; By the thoughtless words or actions.

Here in this Covid-19, imposed tranquillity , as we stand and having the time to look at ourselves in the mirror. And like many a hermit of the past, find ourselves humbled by the ignorance of our past offence caused to others.


Question for pepsi-caller Nancy. Is Martyrdom, not an act of self-sacrifice for a “Cause”?

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Does, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, truly believe that, George Floyd(R.I.P.), wrapped the Stars And Stripes around his body; When he left home, the day that he met his untimely death. Doing so, to “deliberately sacrifice himself as a martyr” in the name of all the victims of American Police violence and killings. What a cynical use of a tragic victim’s death, by said, pepsi-caller Nancy, for political media coverage.

If, dear readers, you are wondering why the deafening silence here at, streetdogs the word on the street? Know that all is well. We are just struggling to be RTE’s 2021 Short Story Writers winning entry. Words don’t come easy to me, as you all know!


Surly one of the greatest aids to community spread of Covid-19, is for people, teachers, children and others, to enter a taxi with no protective screen? With a driver who has been neither tested or vaccinated. Who eats and smokes inside their taxi between fares. A driver who does not restrict the number of passengers they carry, in order to maintain social distance requirements, and who is legally obliged to handle and load passengers bags etc into their taxi!

One would have thought that that all taxi drivers would be as much a priority for the top of the vaccine list as much as as any teacher, they (the taxi drivers), being very much front-line workers and potential transporters.

Claire Byrne and the definition of Racism, Least we forget.

Apparently Claire Byrne silenced Joe Brolly on her show’s discussion of the prospects of a United Ireland; Because; wait for it, she did not wish Joe Brolly , or indeed anyone to suggest the the founding of the So-Called, Northern Irish State, was anything but racist. What exactly is Claire Byrnes definition of racism? Presumably the only form of racism she understands is that of Caucasian racism against Non-Caucasian people.

Those who set-up the Northern Irish State and those who wish for it to continue to exist as currently formed, did so in the believe and wish to suppress those they consider lesser human beings with lesser rights. Rather like Claire Byrne herself, who it seems to believe the only people who have a right to an opinion are those to whom SHE consents to confer such a right.

An interesting interpretation of Free Speech and public debate.

Megan Markle. Duchess of Sussex. A Brown Girl in the Ring of BLM?

Candace Owens, comments that Megan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, ” Is not Black ENOUGH to be a victim of racism”; Echo the basis of the “You are not one of us” historical racial sentiments of certain Black people towards those deemed to be lesser because of being of half caste Black and Caucasian parentage.

The Brown girl in the song, is being surrounded by a bullying crowd of Black people, taunting her over her mixed parentage, the line “She looks like a sugar in a plum” refers to her “unacceptable skin-tone”. Certainly provides an interesting insight into the minds of (certain) members of the BLM movement.