How easily the most glaring of facts in this tragic story is ignored by all and sundry. These two parents who JOINTLY made a DELIBERATE, CONSCIOUS  DECISION TO WILFULLY ABANDON THEIR three toddlers under the age of four years, alone in a strange hotel bedroom. They MERRILY WINED AND DINED themselves with their friends, for hours well out of sight and hearing of the room in which they had so RECKLESSLY walked away from and their now vulnerable and defenceless infants.

Both, of these people, are qualified medical professionals, there is certainly no lack of intelligence, training and guidelines in their lives in respect of the legalities of the meaning of “duty of care”!

There was a babysitting service available to them from the hotel services, but despite this, they made the decision to leave their children alone.

In British law, if a British Citizen, commits actions abroad, which are chargeable offences in Britain, that person may be on their return to Britain, charged with such said offences.

Question. Are child abandonment, reckless endangerment, wilful neglect, not chargeable offences under British law?


Had these two people engaged the use of the hotel’s babysitting service and used a babysitter,  and should that babysitter have left those three children alone for fifteen minutes to pop to a shop, and the same tragedy occurred. You can bet your life these two people and the authorities would have demanded that babysitter’s head on a plate, citing amongst other things, the laws and rules concerning duties of care regarding “loco parentis”.  Seems such statutes and obligations don’t apply to the actual parents, or at least not these two.


Covit19 crisis. Social distancing and planning laws. Population density. Are there any intentions to restrict high-density building projects in our cities, towns and villages? Have any lessons been learnt about these issues?

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Irish Democracy. Thought of the day (and till the end of days) ……………….. Ride pony ride!

Well, here we go again. Almost heading towards some sort of relieving from Covit19 and its tragic outcomes for some many people who lost their lives, and those who mourn them. As well the ordinary citizens and small businesses of  all types, whose financial, economic, social and employment prospects maybe damaged for years to come, if not actually permanently!

So, what are the signs and omens for the politics of this so called democracy in this new national experience? Three months on from the General Election of 2020,  it seems that a government will be formed, with a programme for Government that will be determined by a group of people and  parties  some of whom barely scrapped through in their triumph with just 7:1% of the vote of 62:9% of the total valid votes! Which of course is not is not 7:1% of the total electorate . Some individuals Td’s  of course  won’t  have even achieved that percentage.

Then guess what, this cobbled together program will be put not to the nation’s voters, but to the small click of certain party members for their approval. This apparently is true democracy in action. The majority vote for one thing and are presented with a horse of  a different colour to take them for a ride!




Duel controls is a particular feature of learning with a driving instructor. These duel controls currently simple give to the instructor, the ability to over-ride the learner driver’s use of the clutch and brake/ acceleration, however, it is quite simple to attach duel controls on the steering wheel as well.

Were Driving Schools to be compelled to fit these additional controls, Along with a screen between the learner driver and the Driving Instructor/Driving Tester? Then social distance protocol can be maintained during driving lessons and driving tests, with equally safe driving experiences for all concerned, including the public!IMG_0795

It would, of course, have requirements passed, that all driving tests take place in such vehicles.  While Shane Ross quotes social distance requirements in respect of driving testers, there seems to be no such concern in regards of driving instructors, who are commonly close to their pupils for at least an hour or more!

And as we are continually being told, Covit19 is going to be here quite a few years yet! Now that’s a lot of driving lesson hours and a lot of driving tests, Shane!