It’s reported in the Irish Times, that Sarah Keane, of the OFI, has stated that she is willing to undertake a role in a crisis committee of the FAI.

This could be considered as her Christmas gift to Shane Ross, here’s a serious professional personality, with some great and effective success behind her in previously being involved in a similar róle in another crisis, struck sports body, with the added bonus of having defeated the former CEO of the FAI,  Bernard O’Byrne, in a ballot to be elected President of the OCI, so the Lady has put the ball in the back of the FAI’s goal already,  The lady has some serious evaluation and understanding of what needs to be done, hopefully, she will be taken up on her offer!

Ah, sadly as we draft this post, word has come in, that, Sarah Keane, has apparently ruled out any role on the new FAI board.








What a mess is the so-called Professional Football Association of  Ireland. Up to the neck in 60+ millions of debt, don’t totally own their so-called National Stadium, and have to go cap in hand to beg the Government and others for a free bailout and cry foul when the details of their inept, corrupt and possible unlawful conduct in the performance of their duties, either collectively or individually. Whoever believes that simply writing confidential on a document without having the recipient’s prior agreement to the confidentiality of the paper, especially to a Minister who must inform various government bodies of the potential consequences to the public purse of the implications of the document. Whatever peoples perception of Shane Ross in other matters, it is tough to fault him concerning his handling of this so-called Professional organisation, sure you wouldn’t let them make pancakes, or what’s that one about something in a brewery?



Brexit, Ulster, Scottish Independence. A Greater Alba looming?

Many observers, especially those of Irish Nationalist or/and Republican thinking, along with the SNP, are viewing the result of the British Elections as a harbinger of  Scottish Independence and equally of a United Ireland. But consider this, a vast majority of the Unionist/Loyalist population of The Six Counties of Ulster, have their genetic roots in Scotland. ( The very name of Scotland stems from a group of Ulster Irish).

Is it not possible that both Scottish Nationalist and Ulster Unionist might see the common cause of a Greater Alba of Scotland and The Six Counties of Ulster as a beneficial outcome of the break up of the current United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland?    After the Mad Hatter’s tea party of the Brexit saga, surly anything is possible!!!


Is it not interesting that some members of some small rural communities, who express concern at the impact on local schools, housing, health facilities and other local services, that placing an Asylum seekers reception centre for a large number of people, relative to the actual size of the local population in their locality, are branded Racist. By various self-serving politicians, media personalities and those with vested interests in these matters. Now surely a Racist is a person who is of the belief that another person is less of a human being on the basis of that other person’s racial origins, culture and background?   Want a good example of this attitude, look up the Punch cartoons on the Irish. Are Irish people really of this belief?

Meanwhile, In Dublin’s fair city, Politicians, Business people and some local residents object to the locating of a facility for homeless men, on the basis that doing so will lower the tone of the area, and some of these homeless men will resort to begging, to the distress of all the said complainants.  And guess what the facility for homeless men is cancelled!!! No one is even suggesting anything like calling those complainants, self-serving snobs or Racist!

Of course in all of these things wild accusations of someone else’s motives and behaviour, conveniently ignores that at the root of both these issues is the failure of our so-called democratic society to provide for all its citizens’ basic human rights. Notice we do not specifically blame the current government but the system operated by multiple interests.

Have the HSE. Temple Street Children’s Hospital, Abbott Ireland & United Drug Distributors Ireland Ltd. Played a double Whammy with a new twist on the old “Three-card trick?”





The photos you see here were forwarded to streetdogs.blog the word on the street, by one of our readers. A young lady whose 15-month-old baby is attending Temple Street Children’s Hospital, for a failure to thrive condition. This young lady and her partner were given to understand that some samples of suitable dietary supplements for trial would be delivered to their home by a delivery service.

The couple, of course, was delighted when they saw a reputable delivery company’s van, pull up outside their gate, and the driver approaching their front door with three boxes in his arms. Upon opening each of the three boxes, the couple were stunned and bemused by the boxes contents. Each box measured 15cm in height x 19cm in width x 29cm in length, so each individual box is large enough to contain 6 x 500ml bottles.

So, what did each box contain?  Well the first box is shown here on the left contained 3 x 200ml bottles of dietary supplement, the second box being shown here in the middle contained 2 x 100ml of dietary supplement and the third box being shown here on the right contained, contained  ONE SINGLE SHEET of an A4 sized information pamphlet  on the contents of the other two boxes. You might notice each individual box says, “FRAGILE” including the one containing the ONE SINGLE SHEET OF A4!!!!!!

In essences, 800 ml of the supplementary dietary trial samples and one single A4 information pamphlet were packed and dispatched for delivery in packaging more suited and designed to contain NINE LITRES, more than 9 times greater than 800ml plus one A4 information pamphlet!!   Did somebody say something about over expenditure by the HSE, who presumably are paying somebody for this kind of wasteful and exploitative behaviour by some private companies dealing with the HSE? One is also given to wondering how our environmentally concerned groups view this wanton waste of resources?

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