A reader, of streetdogs.blog the word on the street, one Anna Brady, wonders, considering the  national homeless crisis, why it is that when the Courts are handing out community sentences, do they do not take into account what trade or professional  skills the offender has to offer and sentence the offender to serve their community sentence  using those specific skills to the benefit  of local homeless organizations, rather than meaningless tasks, like painting railings!

One wonders how our other readers view Anna Brady’s suggestion?

Geronimo’s and Chief Crazy Horse’s revenge?

One thing that crosses the mind about Donal Trump’s great concern about the Mexican Border “invasion” from South American Countries, is how would those heroes of the Native Americans resistance to the  historic land grab of their lands, view the turn of events, of immigrents, moving from westward ho the wagons to northward ho the wagons?  Enjoying sweet revenge?


Talk about coincidence! Sunday afternoon, the film ” LONELY ARE THE BRAVE”  on the television, tuned in late and just in time to hear, that mans man, Kirk Douglas being told by the female leading support, the line,” if men weren’t needed to make babies, I wouldn’t be  having  anything to do with any of them!”

Stroll on down to have a coffee in O’Briens  Sandwich Bar, reading Saturday’s Irish Independent, ( for some strange reason, no Sunday papers provided for customers to  peruse?? )  saw an article stating that scientists in China, have bred 29 mice from two female mice and that these 29 single gender mice have gone on to breed  further mice themselves!!  These said scientists, believe that the techniques discovered in their research for this project, can be duplicated in Humans and other Mammals!                         The hand that rocks the cradle and all that!!


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A reader has brought to the attention of streetdogs.blog the word on the street, an issue concerning their being in a taxi, where the driver had a CCTV camera facing into the interior of the taxi, taking in a full view of the driver and his passengers.                               Now the reader states that they were surprised by this, as they had never seen themselves being on video in a taxi before, or been aware of any taxi driver having internal video cameras operating in any other taxi.

Streetdogs.blog the word on the street, have inquired about this subject with both some members of the public and several taxi drivers and surprisingly the driver referred to by our reader, is not unique, in that many taxis do actually have internal facing cameras, some covert and some overt! Apparently, it is not a problem if there are notices on the taxi in clear view stating that CCTV  is operating in the taxi.

streetdogs.blog the word on the street would welcome readers comments on this subject,   have you been in a taxi where you were aware that internal CCTV, was operating in the taxi? How did you feel about your experience? Do you think taxi drivers should be allowed to or not allowed to operate internal CCTV cameras in their taxis? As a taxi driver, do you feel this is a question concerning your safety and security?

Apparently, at one stage the then Taxi Regulator proposed making it mandatory, as a matter of passenger safety, for all taxis to be fitted with an internal viewing CCTV, of a standard type relayed to a central monitoring station, but for some reason, this was never followed through on, by the then Taxi Regulator!




Equality for unmarried widows.

A brilliant judgment By the British Supreme Court at a hearing in Belfast, Thursday, August 30th. 2018  has determined that an unmarried mother, living with her partner and father of her children, is entitled to access widowed parents allowance for bereaved children, after the death of her partner.

The quiet revolution: re:- the Clarion call, put a sock in it! Senator Louise O’Donnell “abú ” public discussion of Presidential Candidates!

In this morning Irish  Independent, it is reported that Independent Senator Louise O’Donnell says people trying to canvass for consensus on getting 20 Oireachtas nominations for the Presidency should ” mind their own business ”  particularly targeting Independent TD Micheal Fitzmaurice, apparently somewhat peeved that he has had the cheek to have written to her on the issue! Senator Louise O’ Donnell’s somewhat glib comments, leads one to wonder exactly what her beliefs are, concerning what she thinks a public representative’s business and functions are in the democratic process! This certainly gives an insight into the contemptuous disregard in which a large number of supposed public representatives hold the general electorate!


Interesting times are gathering pace, TD Micheal Fitzmaurice, an independent, is asking TDs and Senators to lend their ears to the task of listening to potential Presidential candidates and subsequently giving somebody the required signatures to be placed on the ballot!

The important aspect of these endeavors by Micheal Fitzmaurice, and not for the first time,  is the expression in a true belief of what constitutes Democracy in action!                   Micheal Fitzmaurice states, ” I think it’s shameful that the political parties have tried to stagnate the whole thing. You don’t have to be backing or supporting someone just give them the opportunity to go,”

It would be nice if more Public Representatives had a broader definition of Democracy!     We need a broader base of those entitled to nominate potential Presidential Candidates as also Constitutionally obligatory  Presidential elections. Just to mention some desirable enhancements of our Democratic processes!



The potential presidential election is certainly heating up, with more contenders stepping forward and the range of commentary concerning the functions and conduct of the Office of President and the holders of the highest office in the State.

Latest surprise potential Candidate to emerge is journalist Gemma O’Doherty.                      Gemma O’Doherty’s opening salvo is stirring stuff, referring to Ireland as a broken State, continuously and repeatedly allowing the same mistakes to be made over and over again, over consecutive decades, commenting on unimaginable suffering and chaos that so many people are subject to on a daily basis.

Quite interestingly Gemma O’Doherty contends that It is the duty of the Head of State to protect the Constitution and the rights of Citizens enshrined in it, especially in times of national crisis! Regretfully no explanation of what exactly this would involve is expounded by Gemma O’Doherty.