Claire Byrne and the definition of Racism, Least we forget.

Apparently Claire Byrne silenced Joe Brolly on her show’s discussion of the prospects of a United Ireland; Because; wait for it, she did not wish Joe Brolly , or indeed anyone to suggest the the founding of the So-Called, Northern Irish State, was anything but racist. What exactly is Claire Byrnes definition of racism? Presumably the only form of racism she understands is that of Caucasian racism against Non-Caucasian people.

Those who set-up the Northern Irish State and those who wish for it to continue to exist as currently formed, did so in the believe and wish to suppress those they consider lesser human beings with lesser rights. Rather like Claire Byrne herself, who it seems to believe the only people who have a right to an opinion are those to whom SHE consents to confer such a right.

An interesting interpretation of Free Speech and public debate.

Megan Markle. Duchess of Sussex. A Brown Girl in the Ring of BLM?

Candace Owens, comments that Megan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, ” Is not Black ENOUGH to be a victim of racism”; Echo the basis of the “You are not one of us” historical racial sentiments of certain Black people towards those deemed to be lesser because of being of half caste Black and Caucasian parentage.

The Brown girl in the song, is being surrounded by a bullying crowd of Black people, taunting her over her mixed parentage, the line “She looks like a sugar in a plum” refers to her “unacceptable skin-tone”. Certainly provides an interesting insight into the minds of (certain) members of the BLM movement.

FREENOW Taxi driver puts a whole new meaning to money laundering!

Photo by Markus Spiske on the word on the street often makes use of the FREE NOW Taxi app service. In particular in this Covid-19 crisis, It’s great to be able to order a Taxi fitted with a safety screen between driver and passenger.

Imagine our surprise to meet a driver who sprays all monies placed in a special payments box, with an Anti-Virus spay; While explaining to passengers that the Covid-19 virus can survive on bank notes for up to 28 days, and no offence is meant to the passenger in this action.

As our fellow passenger remarked this taxi driver has given a whole new meaning to the term of money laundering.

Nice one driver.

Valentine’s Day 2021 in The Year of The COVID-19 crisis.

Photo by Pixaba

Yes, That modern day Vandal, Covid-19, laughingly has thrown the switch on the track crossings. Diverted our express train of love and romance to different sidings. Left us on different sides of the tracks, gazing into a fog of uncertain futures; But know that here in the heart, your presence is as constant as ever it was.

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Know, regardless the failings of words and misunderstandings, the distances that we may have seen come between us; While much has been lost to us, we have not lost each other. Think of us this day.


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Happy times to all our readers celebrating this Chinese New Year of The Ox.

May we all have the strength, patience and endurance of this years symbol.


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It’s very enlightening to watch American news stations reporting on the most recent coup in an Asian country . While the newscasters refer to the county’s name as Myanmar, it’s informative of the mindset of President Joe Biden and certain UN spokespersons to hear them refer to the same Country by the Colonial title of “Burma”.

In the same broadcast we hear that President Joe Biden, is planning to send troops to the Asian area. What did President Nixon say?………….. ” No more Vietnam’s!”

Biden will launch Pentagon review of China strategy which could open way to more troops

Biden will launch Pentagon review of China strategy which could open way to more troops
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Seems M.A.S.H. and Good morning Vietnam, maybe returning to our screens!

Donald Trump impeachment. Unintended Consequences?

Whatever a person might think of Donald Trump, an interesting question comes to the mind. That is, if it’s legally correct to be able to impeach an out-of -office, ex-President; Does this mean that it would be equally legal to impeach ex-Presidents who authorized the dropping of the Atomic Bombs, or the use of Agent Orange against civilian populations?

Photo by , Lieutenant Charles Levy. 1945. Atomic cloud rises over Nagasaki, Japan. Via Wikimedia Commons.