RTE News programs and readable subtitles, or not?

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One is astounded to see, when watching RTE’s several news programs across their multiple TV stations, as when with subtitles on:- That when people are speaking English, their utterances are displayed in English subtitles ( but then, not always correctly). However, in the same news reports if a persons is speaking in Irish, an official language of The State, the only subtitles displayed about their utterances is the legend “speaks in Irish”. Apparently it is beyond the wits of RTE’s Executives and it’s technicians to give the same respect and equality of service, to all the nations citizens,But then, maybe ,they are just using this form of silencing of the national language to banish us all, “to Hell or Connacht”, or Connaught as Cromwell would have called it.

Donald Trump, that Covid-19 drive-by salute to supporters………..El Cid or Don Quixote?

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Watching the news coverage of that reckless Presidential drive-by , just to wave at his supporters. A person is taken back to the final moments of the film El Cid, where Charlton Heston as El Cid, is strapped senseless to his trusty steed, to lead his and his Kings troops to final victory over the Moors at Valencia.

The former, Vice President, Joe Biden. “Just being there” Was good enough? Seems you think so!

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Have to say, the gardener in the book was much more interesting and entertaining. Perhaps you thought you were doing a remake of the movie role?

2020 American Presidential Debate (or really a debacle?).

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Surely the most important and revealing moment in the first, of a series of The American Presidential 2020 election debates, lay in the former Vice President’s answer to final Question of that first debate?

Rather than taking this most valuable of spotlight moments to set out a clear and concise statement of how he would act, to enhance the future lives and well-being of all Americans. He instead used most of this great moment to talk, yet once again, about his opponent’s past failings.

Surly, for the American electorate, who already know how the current President acts, performs and conducts himself in that esteemed office, they must, most ardently yearn to hear a concise statement of what the alternative candidate advocates? They certainly did not get to hear that!

RTE Radio One, Short Story Competition 2020. Winners to be announced .

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Streetdogs the word on the street regrets to inform it’s readers, that our entry failed to be the winner of this fantastic competition!

Congratulations to the actual winners and the some four thousand writers from all around the world who entered their works to be judged.

Flying High II — Melanie Franz

Start of a new week. The pelican series will come to an end soon. As soon as I finish my pelican book! I realized after drawing the pelican above that I have drawn him before. See below. 5 years are between both drawings. Which one do you prefer? I remember that the one below took […]

Flying High II — Melanie Franz


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While watching the polished but pathetic responses of Phil Hogan, during an interview on RTE News this evening. One was very pleased to hear the not very publicly mentioned fact that, Enda Kenny, declined to attend the said event.

Enda Kenny specifically declared it was not a suitable thing for him to attend.