Getting a handle on that baby thing-a-me-jig!


During the course of one of those “lock-down” type of conversations, were weird and wonderful subjects and ideas get pointlessly discussed. Someone commented on the problems of the standard height level of kitchen work-tops and table tops, if a person was vertically challenged in either direction.

This then turned to the observations of seeing people pushing babies around in a baby buggy/ carriage /pram/pushchair/stroller. Most particularly the sight of such a person being almost bent over double, as they push baby along the street, due to lack of suitable adjustments to the height level of the handle bars on the said baby carriage. Hardly good for the spine and/or the person’s posture.

So, this led us all to wondering, doe’s any such baby carriage , of any type, come fitted with height adjustable handles, exist? And if not, why not? Surely if we have the technology to journey to the stars etc, such a simple thing is do-able ?

Anybody care to advise/comment on this?


Seems strange that a person, who wishes us all to believe they would be a safe pair of hands to run the affairs of the the United States of America; In the best interest of all its citizens, can’t even control a charity organisation founded by their own hands!

USA Presidential transition Funds. Some simple logic!

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Surely it is logic on behalf of President Donald Trump and his political allies, to refuse to cooperate with a transition of power and funds to assist such a transition, if they truly belief they did not lose the election process?

Equally in respect of funding the transition, surely, considering all the millionaire and billionaire supporters of Joe Biden, a loan or maybe a donation or perhaps a few might be forth coming to speed things along?

I Wanna Listen to the Radio — Melanie Franz

I think we need some cheerful music on this dull and grey November day. The clouds are hanging so low, it almost feels like you can touch them. Mr Fox and his struggles with the radio – part II. This was part I.

I Wanna Listen to the Radio — Melanie Franz

Covid-19. Sinn Féin, What a close encounter with serendipity in the 2020 General Election!

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As we all recall, had Sinn Féin, fielded a greater number of candidates in all areas, in the 2020 General Election. This country might well at this moment have a much different Government in power! One can imagine the great hair- pulling sessions that took place in the party’s inner circle as the pennies started dropping as to enormity of the lost chance.

Now ,instead, how much that mistake must seem like a blessing in disguise, an interception by serendipity, in this new world of Covid-19. Instead of having to enact far reaching social changing adjustments to Health, Social Welfare, the norms of society, the future budgets of the next ten years. Rather the party now has the buffer of maybe, four years to develop the their policies for the post Covid-19 world. Truly more than a touch of serendipity

Perhaps “THE LITTLE LADIES” of Cumann na mBan should have stayed home watching their Irish Stew?

Kevin Barry, joined C company 1st Battalion of the Irish Republican Army, at the age of 15 years. While still in Belvedere College.

The President’s Doctors and the Hippocratic oath!

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Whatever one thinks about, President Donald Trump’s, understanding of Covid-19. One has to ask some serious questions about certain of his doctors understanding of the Hippocratic oath, that they are required to take. To quote said oath,, “First, do no harm”.

Perhaps Dr. Sean Conley, might explain how his statements about The President, not being a potential spreader of Covid-19, after his recent infection, complies with the oath he, as a doctor, so gravelly swore to?

Nancey Pelosi’s 25th Amendment Bill. Catch 22?

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Now, one has to ask, if, the current American President, Donald Trump is removed by a 25th Amendment, moved by The House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi. What are the consequences for the upcoming Presidential Election, given that if the current President is not fit to stay in office, then clearly he would not be fit to stand as a candidate for another term of office, and would have to be removed from the list. Would this not be true? (Might this be the true purpose of the House Speakers actions?).

Is it then, the case that the Vice Presidential Candidate , Automatically becomes the Presidential Candidate ? If So, who becomes the Vice Presidential Candidate to him?

Hubble, bubble, cauldron burn, cauldron bubble.