TAXI DRIVER WAYNE HURLEY PLATE 11740 OBSCENE ABUSER ON FACEBOOK! the word on the street, has viewed the obscene sexually abusive messages, sent by WAYNE HURLEY of COBH, CORK. to a young Lady’s timeline on her Facebook page, The young Lady bravely shared these messages publicly on Facebook.

Now if our readers view WAYNE HURLEY  of COBH, CORK. on his Facebook page, there’s a very clear picture of a Taxi, on the roof of which, there is a Taxi roof sign bearing on the driver’s side in bold capital letters the name WAYNE HURLEY  and on the passengers side, the plate number 11740 with the area code letter C. Matching markings on doors . Strange to say, on the 19th March 2018, the NTA’s Driver Check app, says there is no registered driver recorded to this plate number and advised against using unregistered drivers!

Perhaps, the NTA’s Taxis section, the National Carriage Office, an Garda,  might wish to consider how the above matters, affect female Taxi passengers safety in County Cork!



STREEDOGS.BLOG THE WORD ON THE STREET,  wonders is there not a problem with a script that is promoting the notion that a man in Ireland  2018  may throw his wife out of the matrimonial home as of a right? reference Decco in FAIR CITY, one would have expected that this would be an issue of concern for the advocates of women’s rights!


A report to the word on the street, has been informed of a new style of interhospital transfer policy attempted by a senior medic, at Beaumont Hospital, Dublin, in the aftermath of the Beast from the east Blizzard!

The reader concerned about this debacle was being examined as a GP referred outpatient of Beaumont Hospital’s respiratory department and having been confirmed as a Lung Cancer patient, Beaumont Hospital, quite correctly, referred the individual to, James Hospital, the appropriate specialist Hospital for the treatment of  Lung Cancers. where the individual spent three weeks for a successful course of treatment, before being discharged to their home!

After being at home for two days, the individual being in great agonizing pain was rushed in a neighbour ‘s car to Beaumont Hospital A&E, and was admitted to a ward.      An examination determined a fluid accumulation complication, related to the Lung Cancer treatments, as being the problem in need of further treatment.

On the evening of the fourth day after the individual’s admission to Beaumont Hospital, our reader  was informed, that with James Hospital being the appropriate Lung Cancer Specialist Hospital, and being where the reader had been treated, a transfer, under the auspices of Beaumont Hospital, was being arranged to James Hospital for the individual!

on the evening of the fifth day, our reader was informed by a senior medic, that a discharge of the individual as a patient of Beaumont Hospital would take place the next day and that our reader was to then make their own way directly, on that said day, to James Hospital. When asked how our reader was to achieve this objective without transport by ambulance, said senior medic suggested our reader use Dublin Bus, Public Transport Services! Strange to relate, our reader was not impressed by this turn of events! these verbal exchanges were taking place directly in front of five other patients and several members of Beaumont Hospital staff! the word on the street, are happy to report to you, your fellow reader’s successful resistance to this unacceptable attempt by said senior medic to negate Beaumont Hospital’s duty of care to their patients in these matters! This patient was, on the sixth day, under the auspices and expenses of Beaumont Hospital, transported to James Hospital by taxi!

The question is, how many others have been taken for a ride, { pardon the pun! ] by being sent on their way, all alone via public transport to other hospitals like this???


Well, folks, we can look forward to far more cyclists on the roads, over a far greater area of Dublin, as Dublin Bike expands its services to more sites, while Fingal County Council, announces a planned rollout of a Bike Sharing scheme in the Dublin 15 area. the later having some very distinguishing  and different features from the Dublin Bike services !

The one thing both of these schemes have in common is a requirement for a person to sign up to these schemes with their personal details. Another thing both schemes have in common is a total failure to take any form of responsibility to ensure their clients are suitable persons, properly informed as to their  (the clients ) responsibilities in the use of the equipment supplied by these bikes schemes!

Now if a person wishes to purchase a firearm, that person goes to a gunsmith, selecting the weapon of their choice, giving their personal details leaves the required monies with the gunsmith, as also the selected firearm. Then the purchaser processed to apply for a firearm license and it is only when the purchaser is actually in possession of that firearm license, are they permitted to take physical possession of the said firearm!

Now here at, the word on the street, feels the question to be asked, is why cannot a similar system be operated in respect of, Fingal and Dublin Bike, as also Bicycles sales outlets. Should they not be required to withhold their products, services from their clients, until they, the clients, can produce  a pass  certificate for a test of their  appropriate knowledge and understanding of the Rules of the Road before they, the suppliers of  the goods  and or services, releasing such goods  or services to their  clients.



Referendum  2018, is coming to a ballot box near you soon, well relatively soon!              So the campaigning  bandwagons, of all various shades of opinion, for and against, the proposed  question being put to the citizens of this Republic will be expressing their viewpoints, on Television and Radio, Billboards, Newspapers, Magazines and whatever else they feel may convince the majority of the rightfulness of their given cause and to get out and vote accordingly

streetdogs.bloc the word on the street, has  observed that so many successful campaigns, in so many  nations, on so many  diverse  subjects, have enhanced the promotion, awareness, and indeed a fuller understanding  of the issues of their proposition(s), by the public at large, by the use of a campaigning  song, which of course should be with the proper consents of the rightful owners  of the said song! the word on the street, would suggest, that a most suitable and indeed appropriate song for Referendum 2018, would be the song that sums up all the issues so well, that song being,  WHAT ABOUT US,  co-written by PINK, JOHNNY McDAID, and STEVE MAC.

So readers, what do you think? would this be a good idea for a campaigns song?           Can this notion truly come to pass? Let the word on the street  and those who are actually  involved in the campaigns  of Referendum  2018 know what your views are on this or any other suitable  campaign song


So it seems a referendum on at least one issue is upon us this year possibly as early as May!   We say at least one issue, because there are people who feel this would be an appropriate opportunity for other important issues to be put before the people of this State, by way of referenda! These include amongst others, the Constitutional and statutory right to a Home.  the Constitutional and Statuary right to a Vote at the age of Sixteen years.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Now in respect of the latter proposition, it is assumed that those who proposed and support the proposal, do so on the grounds that a sixteen-year-old person is mature, intellectually, socially,  emotionally and of sound economic understanding, to pass judgement on the suitability  of  several candidates and of those candidates  own or party policies, as also the impact of those policies  at home and abroad!

Could this constitute, on the grounds of logical thinking, a question as to why a Sixteen-year-old person, cannot purchase cigarettes, alcoholic drinks and cannot be charged under the Roads Traffic Acts for not wearing a seatbelt in a motorcar? or will all things change?

Perhaps those who support the proposition might give us all, the benefits of their viewpoint and of course, other readers comments are equally welcome!