Duvet Wars. New Developments.

There Now  you see a Reversible Duvet by Meradiso at Lidl.

Now if someone can produce a Reversible Duvet with one side Beige Fleece and one side  white linen style, for winter and summer alternative use, how difficult can it be to produce printed Duvets of attractive designs , that remove the hassle of removing and replacing the cover every time , not to mention the cost and inconvience of two seperate washing and drying loads, or washing line space and suitable drying  days!

This producer see’s a market for their product, how far away is a printed Duvet as I have being promoting for some time! The saga roles on.


The Labour Party Moves In With Me! House and Home The Way Forward

Would it not be a fair observation to say, that  the  Labour  Party’s new Private Members Bill  ( Homeless Families ) Bill 2017, Which recognises the rights and needs of Homeless Children.                                                                                                                                                  Is but a rolling development  of  my proposal of the  28th December 2015, to provide each  child  born in the State, Statuary  Housing Rights, as  reproduced below.                                                                                                                                                                                            There are many proposals and ideas for solving the current Housing problems, and  yes    While it is vital to make progress on the many issues that effect  and create this current situation but may I suggest that we should be looking at how to prevent, as much as is  possible , never ending repeats of these problems further into the future.

On 28th. December 2015. I posted a very simple idea on Twitter.

That is, I proposed that the Goverment  should , one year after a child’s birth in the State,open a dedicated Bank account  in that child’s sole name, for the explicit purpose and expressed  restricted use, as to the providing that child with dedicated funds, to be realised to that named child at age 25, in respect of enabling that person to secure their independent housing needs.

Now I did say , that this is a very simple idea and we all know , nothing is ever that simple but I do believe this idea is feasible and would fit nicely into a Constituional Right to a Home, as is being proposed as a Referendum Amendment, by many people and various organisations concerned with the current crisis.

I would welcome comments as to, for and against this idea.


The Duvet Wars – in brief

On the 5th October 2017. While making my bed and thinking about what subject to blog,on my first ever blog, it occured to me that I should write about an idea I have had for some time, to wit , the problems and struggles of the ritual of changing the Duvet cover and the task of laundering  the Duvet and the Duvet cover seperately!

Now I am of the belief that in general there is no good logical reason why every type of  Duvet ,needs a seperate cover, which has to be changed and laundered seperate from the Duvet every time. The answer seems to me that in general most Duvets could come with a printed pattern on the exterior, removing the need for a seperate cover and seperate laundering of each!

On the 19th of October 2017. I seen on TruTv, an advert for a company’s product/service,which plays on the very subject of the draw backs of seperate Duvet covers.In this advert a man is shown changing a Duvet cover and is given congratulations and high praise for having for the very first time finaly succesfully changing his Duvet cover!

This prompted me to contact two Irish Duvet Producers by email.                                Pownall & Hampson (Ireland Limited) and Feathers Factory Outlet.(Feather Textiles).Directing them to my blogs on Duvet Wars and the Idea of printed Duvets.I cannot at this moment in time report any response from either company, may have to take this idea out of this country for success! Producers of course are reminded of my copy rights in the issue of this idea.

The Duvet Wars. Second Dispatches.

Since I last posted on my first blog,  The Duvet Wars, Dispatches. on the 5th October 2017 have Seen an Advert on television, based on the issue of the struggle with the Duvet Cover changing task .  Seen 19th October on TruTv.                                                                       In the Advert a man is praised for his success in for the very first time actually managing with changing his Duvet Cover for the first time!

Now if the actual fact that the issue of  The Duvet Wars, merits inclusion in a company’s commercial advertising campaign, fails to wake up Duvet Producers as to the market potential for my suggestion of producing printed Duvets, what will???

Duvet producers remember my copy rights on this issue!!!!!!!!

The Duvet wars. Dispatches .

I was my dear readers, on this my first true blog, considering opening you up to the wisdom of my solutions to seriously Grave world matters, Britex, Catalan Independance!

However, while doing the weekly chore of changing my bedding, it struck me that the most urgent matter to discuss, is the topic of the changing of the Duvet cover.I do not know about you but for me this is a serious struggle, which I am often in danger of losing!!

Now I ask you, why do we even need a Duvet cover ????

Surely  it’s not beyond the intelligence of the producers of Duvets to  produce a Duvet with fancy patterns printed onto the exterior surface of the Duvet, so that I and others like me, can wash just one item a week  instead of two!!!!

I would be interested to know if other people would like to see such a product on sale,Please feel free to comment on this idea, as to for or against.

Duvet producers remember my Copy Rights in this issue