What the Heck Am I Doing Here? — Melanie Franz

via What the Heck Am I Doing Here? — Melanie Franz


image_e11f5559-9dcb-4495-8f90-e5cb5b8c4df0.img_0668Well, Ghost Rider, you may indeed have a valid question there, We are told recently by Micheál Martin, leader of Fianna Fáil. His party cannot fulfil any previously stated intent to bring legislation, for a National Emergency Rent Freeze, based on legal advice, to do so would be unconstitutional. Seems one law for Landlords (something like 20% of TD’s, of all party’s and none are Landords, several with many multiples of properties in the rental market) and another law for Taxi Drivers. Should someone test this?


NOEL ROCK, TD, and others speaking or writing in support of the NTA impending requirement on Taxi drivers to be legally obliged to provide Credit/Debit Card payment facilities in their taxis, and to be equally, legally bound to accept payment for a fare by such means. Are very pleased with themselves in justifying this legal obligation and compulsion on Taxi Drivers, on the basis, that people can go into virtually any shop or business in any town, and pay for any purchase utilising a Credit/Debit Card.

What they are not so keen to point out, is that no other type of business in this Irish State is legally obligated to accept payment by Credit/Debit Card. But that they do so by choice founded on the volume of customer they expect to be doing business with.

A Taxi Driver is a sole individual in their business premises, their Taxi that is. There’s a limit to the number of individual fares that they can undertake per day/week, hence their ability to spread the costs associated with operating a Credit Card payment facility is severally limited. This will be especially true for any part-time drivers or semi-retired drivers.

Streetdogs.blog will be returning to this subject at some stage, and would welcome drivers views and input about how they feel this affect their bottom line.

“They also serve who stand and wait”. A viable, active, effective opposition, is as an essential component of “A Parliamentary Democracy” as is the “Elected Government.”

In this forthcoming election, Saturday, 8th, February 2020  To elect a new Government, voters might be mindful of how valuable and important their vote is, to them, the Nation, the State and Society. Most notably the value of each individual voter’s single transferable vote. And as to how each individual voter makes use of it.

And yes, we are all, streetdogs.blog the word on the street included, going to give our significant preferences to those we consider the best possible people to form a Government. Willing and determined to enhance this, Our Irish Democracy And it’s society, selfishly, in the interest of all the people of this State.

But as we move down the lists of candidates, we also need to be mindful of the importance of a viable, capable, competent, active Opposition’s presence In Dáil Éireann. Thus, we need to be conscious of the importance of our “lesser preferences”, in the forming of such a Constitutional Opposition, whatever it’s constituent parts. People also need to be aware, that merely voting for the Candidate(s), that is your actual preference, is not the best and most effective way to use one’s single transferable vote. Not to continue on down the full list of candidates, is to waste the inherent value of your single Transferable Vote. And may have as a significant effect on the outcome in the return of a competent and capable opposition. As it could in the election of a stable government majority.

Claire Byrne wins the Leader’s Debate!

Watching the Claire Byrne Live Leader’s Debate, on RTE  1, tonight, one has to say the most impressive person on that stage was Claire Byrne herself.                                                                                Cool, calm, informed, incisive, professional, firm and in control of the event.                  Well done, Claire.