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Bette Midler – From A Distance (Official Music Video) – YouTube
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In a discourse concerning Geraldine Herbert’s article in the Sunday Independent, calling for the banning of the use of Bus Lanes by taxis, the lady once again demonstrated a strange attitude to the presentation of facts as opposed to pushing self-justified opinions!

Having firstly to beat an abject retreat, when challenged by the show’s host, Sean O’Rourke, as to if she was in short, actually accusing taxi drivers of crashing into cyclists, with her veiled claim that the greatest threat to cyclists are taxis!

Followed by the disdainful dismissal of a question put to her by Vinnie  Kerns, Chief Executive of NXT Taxis. Who in essence asked her, what did she propose a taxi driver should do with a wheelchair user, who wishes to go to the Museum if such a taxi driver is not to be allowed to use the Bus Lanes in the College Green area. Did she think taxi drivers should put wheelchair users out of their taxi at this point, and tell wheelchair users to make their own way to their desired destinations?

Did Geraldine Herbert, have an intelligent, informed answer for Vinnie Kerns question? Not a bit of it, with dripping, disdain in the tone of her voice for the audacity of the question, one could visualise the metaphorical brushing of the matter aside with the back of her hand, as she told Vinnie Kerns, there were other ways of dealing with that!  Did she actually make a suggestion as what those different ways might be? Such as exempting wheelchair taxis from any such ban on taxis using Bus Lanes? Again not a bit of it! But then, still, what can one expect when someone is merely peddling some other people’s ideas!




IMG_0735Apparently and correctly so,  Geraldine Herbert believes that it is correct and proper that Geraldine Herbert may express on many different media formats, her views on multiple subjects, other people, their occupations and different peoples viewpoint. Without her being the subject of cheap, nasty and demeaning commentary about her!

However, when it comes to the word on the street, commenting on Geraldine Herbert’s article in the Sunday Independent, of Sunday, March 8th. No such common courtesy is extended to the word on the street, but instead being castigated as journalistic vermin, by Geraldine Herbert.

Witness, readers Geraldine Herbert’s response on Twitter, to a the word on the street post. Commenting specifically on the content of the said Sunday Independent article and not on the author of it! One would have expected something better, from someone who proclaims themselves to be a professional journalist of some 15 years experience!

That article’s title:-  Why it’s high time we put the brakes on taxis in bus lanes

TAXIS! PUBLIC ENEMY, NUMBER 1! Says, Geraldine Herbert.


If it’s not bad enough for taxi drivers to be treated as second class citizens, in being the only businesses in Ireland being compelled to take credit card payments and therefore having their suitability to carry out their business, at the mercy of their credit rating. Now, Geraldine Herbert, Motoring Journalist and founder of “Wheels for Women”.  Writing in the Sunday Independent,   8th March wants to ban taxis from bus lanes.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        This is part of a magical cure for inefficient public transport failures! That amongst other things that this will mean for the elderly and mobility challenged passengers, going to their hospital appointment etc. protracted delays and higher fares, is apparently a fair price for them to pay! And as for tourist, sure won’t they want to take the scenic route anyway!

Now, Geraldine Herbert makes a truly pertinent comment about removing filter lanes that encroach on  Bus lanes, In the same article.