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It’s very enlightening to watch American news stations reporting on the most recent coup in an Asian country . While the newscasters refer to the county’s name as Myanmar, it’s informative of the mindset of President Joe Biden and certain UN spokespersons to hear them refer to the same Country by the Colonial title of “Burma”.

In the same broadcast we hear that President Joe Biden, is planning to send troops to the Asian area. What did President Nixon say?………….. ” No more Vietnam’s!”

Biden will launch Pentagon review of China strategy which could open way to more troops

Biden will launch Pentagon review of China strategy which could open way to more troops
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Seems M.A.S.H. and Good morning Vietnam, maybe returning to our screens!

Donald Trump impeachment. Unintended Consequences?

Whatever a person might think of Donald Trump, an interesting question comes to the mind. That is, if it’s legally correct to be able to impeach an out-of -office, ex-President; Does this mean that it would be equally legal to impeach ex-Presidents who authorized the dropping of the Atomic Bombs, or the use of Agent Orange against civilian populations?

Photo by , Lieutenant Charles Levy. 1945. Atomic cloud rises over Nagasaki, Japan. Via Wikimedia Commons.

Got the Moves — Melanie Franz

Introducing a new character, the honey badger. Have been sketching them for a while as I wanted to do a T-shirt design. Still in the works, meanwhile some of the sketches. Guess we all should take an example of the honey badger. Never heard of them before? Check them out here! They are amazing.

Got the Moves — Melanie Franz

International Rugby Starts. Considering the emotional impact of the singing of “Flower of Scotland” on the game. Any chance, we might get to hear the song “The March of the Men of Harlech” “Rhyfelgyrch Gwyr Harlech” being roared from the loudspeakers?

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President Biden and Vice President Harris. Does, respect, equality so demanded for Asians, Black Americans and Latinos, etc; By said individuals and others. Ever be given the same status to The Native American People?

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Some American media sources referred to Vice President Harris, as “THE FIRST INDIAN VICE PRESIDENT” Crazy Horse and Geronimo, might think differently! This has later changed to South Asian. And also the First Black Vice President.

Aggregated data from Three mobile customers used to monitor Covid-19 travel restriction compliance

The anonymised, aggregated data is ‘collated at a macro scale’, the phone carrier said. No personal data is handed over
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THE Good, the bad and the ugly aspects of owning a mobile phone. Question is when will this little idea get more inquisitive and inquisitional on a personal basis. 1984 and all that!