So it seems a referendum on at least one issue is upon us this year possibly as early as May!   We say at least one issue, because there are people who feel this would be an appropriate opportunity for other important issues to be put before the people of this State, by way of referenda! These include amongst others, the Constitutional and statutory right to a Home.  the Constitutional and Statuary right to a Vote at the age of Sixteen years.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Now in respect of the latter proposition, it is assumed that those who proposed and support the proposal, do so on the grounds that a sixteen-year-old person is mature, intellectually, socially,  emotionally and of sound economic understanding, to pass judgement on the suitability  of  several candidates and of those candidates  own or party policies, as also the impact of those policies  at home and abroad!

Could this constitute, on the grounds of logical thinking, a question as to why a Sixteen-year-old person, cannot purchase cigarettes, alcoholic drinks and cannot be charged under the Roads Traffic Acts for not wearing a seatbelt in a motorcar? or will all things change?

Perhaps those who support the proposition might give us all, the benefits of their viewpoint and of course, other readers comments are equally welcome!


Is it not very obvious that our new Democratic guardians (Citizens Assembly ) brief is less than a vehicle for significant democratic improvements and more in the vein of Rome’s elites bread and circus distractions of the masses!

How about this idea. That in this year of referendums fever, some thought might be given to the notion, that the seat occupied by a TD, is actually the property of the Citizens of the Nation, and not that of individual  TD’S, their families or Party!

Can it really be considered, truly democratically satisfactory for any given TD or their families to keep sway over the privilege of public representation for forty years? Surely the citizens of this modern progressive society would be best served by placing limits on the number of consecutive terms that a TD is allowed to serve!

Question is, do others see this as a suitable and desirable subject for a referendum, would welcome viewpoints from all persons interested in this and similar ideas, as to how to improve Public Representation, turkeys voting for Christmas are especially welcome!


Is MyTaxi Making Sense of Your Cents?

A friend of my mine was talking to me about her Mytaxi credit card account, commenting that every time she orders a Taxi on the app. before the app allows the summoning of a Taxi, she is charged 50c. Not a great amount. The lady says, there was nothing in the terms & conditions when she signed up. And that this is being done without her consent!

Speaking to Taxi Drivers providing their service via the Mytaxi app, they say the 50c, charge is a charge sent out against the card before the provision of a service, to check the card is still valid and accepting Mytaxi charges,  and that this 50c charge is refunded to the customer’s account at the end of the processing of the fare on the credit card!

The lady claims, that she has not any 50c refunded to her account in all the time she has been using the app and that her account commenced the time that Halo began. In light of what the Taxi drivers with Mytaxi had to say about this, I suggested that she should complain to Mytaxi and invoice them for the total gross value of the outstanding non-refunded 50c. Her retort to this was,  Mytaxi were quite happy that all of their customers, would just let this matter go.

One is given to wonder, what view Mytaxi has on the sense this 50c  subject?, the word on the street, received a comment from a reader, NotAName who states that the 50c is refunded, but Mytaxi customers can expect this to take up to the three days to appear on their account!


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Kitchen Hell in Fair City!

This morning I was watching   Channel4’s  Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares USA. The format I am sure all are aware of. Then this evening I was watching  RTE’s  Fair City,  The storyline involving  Paul Brennan’s involvement in the restaurant was an absolute re-run of the format and dramatic scenes in the episodes, from  Channel4’s Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares USA.

Surely RTE  scriptwriters could do better, at developing a storyline of their own!

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Tesco Club Card: Revamp, Enhance, cut the waste !

As I walked into my local Tesco store today,  I realised, I had for the third consecutive visit, forgot to bring my Tesco discount vouchers, was giving out to myself for not putting them in my wallet but then said to myself why should I have to place paper vouchers in my wallet, when I already have a Tesco Club Card in my Wallet!

Surly Tesco could program that Tesco Club Card to deduct the Voucher value from my bill at the till when being scanned with my payment. As it happens my next port of call was to the local Topaz, where I refuelled my car, and along with my payment presented my Topaz Play or Park card, which credited me with the value of the purchase towards accumulating my points on the card towards future discounts, and simultaneously discounting the current valid discount from the current purchase cost being charged Now if  Topaz can achieve this, why not Tesco?

Now think of the savings in paper waste to Tesco itself.                                                        Remember standing behind a person at the Tesco Till, with an overflowing trolley, after every item has been scanned, this person is then having to sort out paper vouchers to hand to the cashier, who then has to scan each one, and some people have quite a lot this slows the till lines down no end, imagine this all being sorted with a Tesco Club Card automatically!! What’s this about  ” Every Little Helps ” This would also ensure customers did not lose out because vouchers passed use by date!   ( thanks to Helen from Carlow  for pointing  this aspect out to me).

Hopefully, when Tesco Management come to realise the value of this suggestion to, their customers, the environment, and Tesco’s own overheads, they will be nice and professional enough to credit this person and their blog with a nice thank you






An Dail Nua. A representative earthquake!

Now that we have just escaped a panic general election this side of Christmas, Perhaps, we could give some time before the next one, to consider, how democratic the process really is? And how it is suited to the requirements, interests and expectations, of this modern-day society!

To set the ball rolling, let’s consider just one particular aspect of public representation! To who do the individual Dail seats belong, the citizens, the political parties or the individual’s and their relatives?

Should a TD be really allowed to roll on, election after election, being the candidate for election to the Dail, for forty years or more, or should there be a restriction as to the number of consecutive terms a TD may serve  and if so, could this not be extended to Senators and the Office of An Uachtarán

Would this not be a suitable subject for the next round of  Referenda amendments?

House and Home The Way Forward 2nd

Reading  Jennifer Thompson’s,  (Social  Policy Development Officer at St. Vincent de Paul)  essay in the Sunday Independent, 19th, November 2017,  on of all pages, ANALYSIS, page 23, supposedly discussing “, Now is the time to make having a home a Constitutional Right “. a  person cannot but shudder at the thought of a carbon copy of the British  Britex referendum farce!

This was a golden opportunity to put forward a clear proposal as to what would be meant by the right to having a home, for the State & Government, the public, the individual Citizen. How it would be implemented in the immediate moment, the short, intermediate and long term future? Will it be totally universal to all people living in the State, or restricted to those who qualify as Citizens?  will a person born a millionaire be as equally entitled as an unemployed person on the bread line? How would this Constitutional right to a home be funded,  what are the tax implications of this for every citizen,? from where are the Funds to achieve the objective coming from?

It is reasonable for people to feel that those who claim to have concern for an issue of complex social,  economic and political outcomes, should address the issue of the foundations of what is claimed as the answer to those issues, Least we end up with a meaningless Constitutional right to a home!

Duvet Wars. New Developments.

There Now  you see a Reversible Duvet by Meradiso at Lidl.

Now if someone can produce a Reversible Duvet with one side Beige Fleece and one side  white linen style, for winter and summer alternative use, how difficult can it be to produce printed Duvets of attractive designs , that remove the hassle of removing and replacing the cover every time , not to mention the cost and inconvience of two seperate washing and drying loads, or washing line space and suitable drying  days!

This producer see’s a market for their product, how far away is a printed Duvet as I have being promoting for some time! The saga roles on.


The Labour Party Moves In With Me! House and Home The Way Forward

Would it not be a fair observation to say, that the  Labour  Party’s new Private Members Bill  ( Homeless Families ) Bill 2017, which recognises the rights and needs of Homeless Children.                                                                                                                                                  Is but a rolling development of my proposal of the  28th December 2015, to provide each child born in the State, Statuary  Housing Rights, as reproduced below.                                                                                                                                                                                            There are many proposals and ideas for solving the current Housing problems, And yes, While it is vital to make progress on the many issues that affect and create this current situation. May I suggest that we should be looking at how to prevent, as much as is possible, repeats of these problems, into the future.

On 28th. December 2015. I posted a straightforward idea on Twitter.

That is, I proposed, that the Government should, one year after a child’s birth, in the State, Open a dedicated Bank account in that child’s sole name, for the explicit purpose and expressed restricted use, to the providing that child with dedicated funds. To be realised too that named child at age 25, in respect of enabling that person to secure their independent housing needs.

Now I did say that this is a straightforward idea and we all know, nothing is ever that simple. Still, I do believe this idea is feasible and would fit nicely into a Constitutional Right to a Home, as is being proposed as a Referendum Amendment, by many people and various organisations concerned with the current crisis.

I would welcome comments as to, for and against this idea.


The Duvet Wars – in brief

On the 5th of October 2017. While making my bed, and thinking about what subject to blog, on my first ever blog, It occurred to me, that I should write about an idea I have had for some time, To wit, the problems and struggles of the ritual of changing the Duvet cover! And the task of laundering the Duvet and the Duvet cover separately!

Now I am of the belief that in general there is no good logical reason why every type of  Duvet, needs a separate cover, which has to be changed and laundered separately from the Duvet every time. The answer seems to me that in general, most Duvets could come with a printed pattern on the exterior, removing the need for a separate cover and separate laundering of each!

On the 19th of October 2017. I have seen on TruTv, an advert for a company’s product/service, which plays on the very subject of the drawbacks of separate Duvet covers. In this advert, a man is shown changing a Duvet cover. He is given congratulations and high praise for having for the very first time, finally successfully changing his Duvet cover!

This prompted me to contact two Irish Duvet Producers by email.                                Pownall & Hampson (Ireland Limited) and Feathers Factory Outlet. (Feather Textiles).Directing them to my blogs on Duvet Wars and the Idea of printed Duvets. I can not,t at this moment in time report any response from either company, may have to take this idea out of this country for success! Producers, of course, are reminded of my copyrights in the issue of this idea.