Paddy Jackson and Stuart Olding. Ulster ex’s, pay penalties on the forward pass!

In a very interesting final phase, played out by Rugby stars, Paddy Jackson and Stuart Olding, in Belfast Crown court. When having been previously awarded a contentious touch down on a single Try, in their seriously flawed defensive game, found themselves penalised by the referee of the game, Judge Patricia Smyth, for their endeavours to score a second Try, by means of a forward pass, with their application for reimbursement,  of their legal costs and expenses etc, resulting in a very imperfect but satisfactory tied draw! Satisfactory that is, to those who believe in the values of serendipity and  Karma.


The true art of politics, knowing your priorities!

Well, here we are, in a housing crisis, a health service failing on a national scale in multiple sectors, School buildings falling apart, lack of services for special needs pupils,  inadequate home care services for the elderly and vulnerable citizens. which we are always been informed, is so, as there’s a lack of proper funds and that we must be careful not to place undue, further, future commitments on the Public purse!

Now have a guess what it is that all politicians of all  parties and political doctrines can all agree on as something that should be assured of all-party support in Dáil Éireann, why nothing is so important as accepting Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe’s intentions, to next march, enable the doubling of  the remuneration  ( and therefore consequently the pension entitlements) of local representatives, from euro 17,000, plus to euro 35,000 plus.. And of course Expenses accounts, all of which is, of course in addition to their income from other sources.

Anyone wish to comment?



A reader, of the word on the street, one Anna Brady, wonders, considering the  national homeless crisis, why it is that when the Courts are handing out community sentences, do they do not take into account what trade or professional  skills the offender has to offer and sentence the offender to serve their community sentence  using those specific skills to the benefit  of local homeless organizations, rather than meaningless tasks, like painting railings!

One wonders how our other readers view Anna Brady’s suggestion?

Geronimo’s and Chief Crazy Horse’s revenge?

One thing that crosses the mind about Donal Trump’s great concern about the Mexican Border “invasion” from South American Countries, is how would those heroes of the Native Americans resistance to the  historic land grab of their lands, view the turn of events, of immigrents, moving from westward ho the wagons to northward ho the wagons?  Enjoying sweet revenge?


Talk about coincidence! Sunday afternoon, the film ” LONELY ARE THE BRAVE”  on the television, tuned in late and just in time to hear, that mans man, Kirk Douglas being told by the female leading support, the line,” if men weren’t needed to make babies, I wouldn’t be  having  anything to do with any of them!”

Stroll on down to have a coffee in O’Briens  Sandwich Bar, reading Saturday’s Irish Independent, ( for some strange reason, no Sunday papers provided for customers to  peruse?? )  saw an article stating that scientists in China, have bred 29 mice from two female mice and that these 29 single gender mice have gone on to breed  further mice themselves!!  These said scientists, believe that the techniques discovered in their research for this project, can be duplicated in Humans and other Mammals!                         The hand that rocks the cradle and all that!!


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