The Duvet wars. Dispatches .

I was my dear readers, on this my first true blog, considering opening you up to the wisdom of my solutions to seriously Grave world matters, Britex, Catalan Independance!

However, while doing the weekly chore of changing my bedding, it struck me that the most urgent matter to discuss, is the topic of the changing of the Duvet cover.I do not know about you but for me this is a serious struggle, which I am often in danger of losing!!

Now I ask you, why do we even need a Duvet cover ????

Surely  it’s not beyond the intelligence of the producers of Duvets to  produce a Duvet with fancy patterns printed onto the exterior surface of the Duvet, so that I and others like me, can wash just one item a week  instead of two!!!!

I would be interested to know if other people would like to see such a product on sale,Please feel free to comment on this idea, as to for or against.

Duvet producers remember my Copy Rights in this issue