Circle k, circles the wagons against Virgin Media’s, Payzone refund policy!

A reader of streetdogs the word on the street informs of a strange business relationship between, Virgin Media, Payzone and the Omni Park Shopping Centre, Circle K service station.

Apparently, this reader was informed last month, May 2020, in a letter from Virgin Media. That this said reader had been overcharged by Virgin Media way back in 2016. Much to the reader’s delight, the letter also stated, that if it was presented at “ANY Payzone outlets” and the bar code on the letter read, the full refund would be paid out to the reader by the Payzone outlet, there and then. Happy days you would think?


Reader arrived at the Circle K, Omni Park Shopping Centre, June 2020. Big smile on the face, presents said refund letter to assistant. The jolly nice assistant tries multiple times to scan and process the refund, but no joy. Assistant phones someone for instructions. Despite following all the phone instructions, still has no success. Very diligent and apologetic assistant phones for someone to come to the service station to sort the problem.

The supervisor arrives the whole process tried again, and now our reader is told by the supervisor that, despite being a Payzone outlet, and despite the Virgin Media letter saying that the refund is payable on their account at ANY Payzone outlet, Circle K, do not and will not honour their contract in the matter of Virgin Media refunds, even though Circle K is a registered Payzone outlet!

Now the question our reader ask is. What are the reader’s consumer rights in this matter, and who is actually breaching those rights?






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