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Yesterday, we got a Freenow taxi. The Freenow taxi app, provides an opportunity, to order a taxi fitted with a screen, between the driver and passengers sitting in the rear of the vehicle. Which of course is to provide driver and passengers with some level of protection from the spreading of Covid19.

This driver, during conversation about the screen in their vehicle; Told us of their recent experience with NCT. This driver’s taxi failed the NCT, for having such a screen fitted. The driver was told take your vehicle away, remove the screen before your re-test. Should you re-fit it after you pass the re-test, that’s not our concern.

Now, this driver pointed out., to the NCT, They were encouraged by Freenow, and the NTA to fit such a screen. They had paid 250 euro, to have the screen fitted by a qualified person. Had a qualified engineer’s report on the screen and its fitting method. Had a taxi insurance certificate for the screen. And that this taxi had passed it’s previous NCT, with the same screen fitted. To this the driver was told, that the NCT personnel were under instructions to fail any taxi with a screen fitted.

Bearing this in mind, today, we are all reading that the Government is considering, delaying the full re-opening of the hospitality sector; Due to concerns of a spread of The Delta Covid19 variant, leading to more than a thousand cases a day. Now if a meal or drink, in a fully ventilated, social distanced, Hospitality venue, can so seriously spread the Delta variant; What is going to happen in an enclosed non- social distance situation like a taxi? A place where many persons from home and abroad will have sat, talking, breathing and laying their hands on various surfaces.

When it comes to it, it seems the left hand doesn’t know what the right had is at!

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