TD’s and Visa’s to Australia

Illegal parking, driving unaccompanied on a learner permit, driving an untaxed vehicle on a public road, drink driving, reckless speeding, endangering other road users.                                                                                         Are these not CRIMINAL OFFENCES  under the ROAD TRAFFIC ACTS 1963? As we are all aware, a person can be refused a visa to enter certain countries as a result of having a criminal conviction. Many young people have committed relatively minor offences have found themselves being rejected for a permit to these said countries.

But apparently, this kind of penalties do not apply to individual members of the Fianna Fáil Party,  councillors, TDs, Senators etc. Instead, we are told by their leader, the bold Micheál,  their past offences should be ignored because they said sorry for their previous actions, or rather sorry for having broken the eleventh commandment!

Now another aspect of these criminal actions is not mentioned by anyone, to date, somewhat surprisingly, considering the high cost of insurance and the subject of uninsured drivers. Is it not correct to say, that a person’s driving insurance is provided and issued on the basis that, BOTH THE DRIVER AND THE VEHICLE BEING DRIVEN BY THEM ARE LAWFULLY COMPLIANT AND ENTITLED TO BE ON A PUBLIC THOROUGHFARE? And if EITHER the vehicle or the driver is not so lawfully compliant, then the driver’s insurance policy is fraudulent and invalid, is this not so?  And does this not mean that the said driver is also committing the offence of DRIVING WITHOUT VALID INSURANCE COVER!!!



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