Living up to one of the meanings of the Sanskrit name, our, Dr. Udaya Khandavilli; Takes the rise out of the Irish language!

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In a comment on an article by, Stephen McDermot, the, ” What Budget changes kick in from tomorrow”, published at 7:54 on the 31-12-2020. Dr. Udaya Khandavilli, who is obviously proud of Sanskrit ethnic language and culture, writes a comment; ” Use this money to recruit new Health Care staff and increase the wages for the Front line staff!”

Now was the Doctor meaning the increases in the salary and pensions of TDs, Senators, Senior Civil Servants or former ~National Leaders?

Not a bit of it, but to the miserable amount of funds dedicated to what the Doctor in one sentence calls a dead language, and then condescendingly uses the endearing term; Our National language. to end the comment!

Reminds one of a moment in Beaumont Hospital when a female Nigerian Doctor refused to examine a car crash victim unless the victim gave her their PROPER name in English, and not the Irish language name on their medical records! And of course this lady was very proud of her native Nigerian Language name and culture!

Racism takes many forms, In multiple shades and tones!

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